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How to Get Into League Tournaments?

If you’re just starting to get good at League of Legends, or you and all of your friends have decided that you want to compete, it can be difficult to find spaces to compete. Though Clash, Riots in client tournament system, is easy to find small events to play in and get practice as a team, but what about when you want to move to the next stage instead of just random battles that Riot puts you into?

That part can be difficult to understand, and that’s what this article is here for.

1.    Shop Local

Depending on your hometown there are likely eSports lounges or bars that are happy to host an event like a League of Legends tournament locally for the city. For some smaller towns, this might mean looking outside of your direct town to find an event like this, that said they are an important part of getting better at the game.

The best place to find out about events like this are on local facebook pages for League of Legends and other eSports, as businesses that host these sorts of events often promote themselves on those forums which makes them easy to find.

But why are these events so important?

The biggest thing about these events is that they are often LAN events, or at least events where everyone is expected to play in the same space. This is critical to getting better as a team as online League of Legends and in-person events have very different energies. If you only practice online and then put up the entry fee for a larger unofficial LAN you’re going to end up disappointed, as the skills are not completely transferrable.

2.    Look Online

It makes sense that an online game is going to have tons of online events for you to choose from, but finding the good ones can be difficult. That said there is a great place to look for all of these events. Battlefy is an eSports service that helps organize tournaments online and most events worth their salt are going to be on there. Lot’s of players use their smurfs accounts to participate in the events. It makes a lot of sense because you would want to keep your stress low. If you are looking for a place for that, you can buy league of legends accounts from unrankedsmurfs.com, definitely a great resource to check out.

Now only that, but Battlefy has a huge range of events, from free events with no prizes but bragging rights, to events with entry fees and hundreds of dollars in cash prizes. Recently, Red Bulls Solo Q event’s regional qualifiers were held on the platform, which means that even bigger companies are looking to their service as hosts. That’s how you know they are legitimate.

No matter what kind of events you’re looking for, you’re likely to find some on Battlefy, and it’s a great place to find events that will work with you and your teammates schedule.

3.    Look for Community Events

Depending on the communities that you’re part of, there are tons of online communities that have their own events over the course of the year. This can range from larger discord servers to the community surrounding Podcasts like the Trinity Force Podcast.

These community events tend to be a touch less competitive than other events you might find with cash prizes, but that is because their focus is on fun. For example, the Trinity Force Podcast events we mentioned come with a full stream, team of announcers, player interviews and more. They put a lot of effort into making an event experience as opposed to just trying to make competitive games all of that time. That said, don’t let the fun atmosphere fool you, the teams often have absolutely phenomenal players of Masters Tier of above on them.

One of the best things about these community events is the fact that they aren’t exclusively open to teams. Communities are great at making teams out of solo players, and that means that you don’t need to have 4 friends prepared to compete alongside you in order to practice in an event like this. You might even end up meeting players that become your team in the future.

Hosting Events:

In the end, if you aren’t able to find events that give you exactly what you’re looking for, there is always the option of hosting and playing in events, whether you bring those online with Battlefy or just compete locally, there are tons of ways to make the exact experience you want.

If you’re looking to host a local event, it’s great to get information on the amount of people interested and then approach local businesses with the idea of being a host-space for the event. Many of them will be happy to collaborate with you on hosting an event that will bring happy people into their space.

It is worth noting though, that this sort of pitch is much more accessible to people over local drinking age that are looking to host events like this, as bar spaces are on of the best places for an event like this.

Whatever you end up doing as a tournament, the experience of working with a team is the best form of League of Legends there is, so get out there and play summoner!