League Of Legends Teams Guide

How to Create a LoL Team

If you want to play League of Legends at a higher level, or just want to get out of Solo Queue, getting a team together is one of the first steps to making that a reality, but getting a team together can be intimidating or seem impossible That said, entering the world of collaborative League of Legends isn’t as hard as you think it might be.

One thing that is important to note, is that you’re not going to be making a team that will play on the official level any time soon. The League of Legends circuits like the LCS, LCK and LEC are tightly bound circles. For example teams bought a slot for multiple years back in 2017 for about 10 million dollars for the LCS. Unless you have tons of cash lying around and you find one of the companies willing to sell their slot, you aren’t going to bring a full team to the LCS stage.

With that out of the way, how do you make a team?

1.    Choose a Level of Play

One of the main things to know before you start making a team is understanding the level of competitiveness that you’re looking for in players. There is absolutely room for teams that are hyper-competitive and teams that are just looking to have fun, but players from each of those teams shouldn’t try to intermingle, or it’s going to end up as a struggle down the line. Understanding that you’re making a team to dominate clash instead of a local tournament scene is going to be a huge help when it comes to finding the right players.  

Choosing a level of play is also going to help with many organizational decisions you need to make down the line. It’s less critical to find players who can dedicate lots of time to practice as a team if you’re just looking to meet up once a month to play clash as a group.

2.    Finding Some Players

Despite what you might think, finding the 4 best players you know isn’t necessarily the best way to make a League of Legends team. There are players at a professional level who are worse mechanically at the game than non-professionals, but it’s a matter of communication and working with the team that is key.

The simplest way that this boils down, especially at the amateur level, is that you need to find players that you mesh well with on the rift and communicate well with. The communication is key in this case, you might even run into players who you have a great time playing with, but have issues communicating with, and that is going to lead to a subpar experience for everyone on the team.

One of the best places to find players is going to be in League of Legends communities, whether that is larger groups on Social Media, or it’s smaller groups like the Discords of League of Legends products like Podcasts. Players who engage with League Social Communities are going to be some of the most enfranchised players there are, and are going to be your best option for finding like-minded players to get onto the rift on.

One last thing to keep in mind is that your roster needs to focus more on the collaboration than it does on having the 5 players with the best KDA. It’s good to know what everyone wants to play, what champions they are comfortable on and what they prioritize in the game. Having everyone be on the same page about team expectations early on is critical.

3.    Team Branding

This part is only important if you’re looking to go beyond Clash to local or internet events, but team branding is how you are going to get recognized in the future, which is critical to working with a sponsor of any kind, and will make finding any replacement players you need much easier.

There are two central parts of a team brand and that is the logo and the name. Of the two the logo is the harder one to make unless you happen to have the graphic design skill set needed. If you don’t have the skill set, there are sites that can help you make a logo, but it’s going to be generic and uninteresting, which breaks the point of team branding.

The best thing to do with a logo is going to be to pay an independent artist to work and make a logo for you. This shouldn’t be very expensive and there are many online marketplaces that offer these services, but you’re certainly not going to get good quality work for free.

For team names, the most critical things to keep in mind are that the name needs to be original and that it shouldn’t contain anything that could be considered crass language. The originality of the name means also avoiding references and similar things that might be difficult to sites to display. Naming a team after copyrighted material is transformative and harmless in the short term, but it will absolutely kill any prospects your team has of finding sponsors.

The main thing here is that if you’re headed to the level of League of Legends team that you need a brand for, you’re tentatively setting the baseline for a business, by selling merchandise locally or finding supporters. Your branding should reflect that potential in the long run.

Obviously the higher up in the chain of League of Legends you want to go, the more complicated and involved the process of making a team becomes, that said, whether you’re just playing some Clash or looking to start something, this guide will be able to help you.